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3 Reasons To Choose Colwell's Pest Control

1. We offer affordable pest control services in Dearborn, St. Joseph, Kansas City, MO and surrounding Northwest Missouri areas

You don’t have to terminate your savings to eliminate pests. Colwell’s Pest Control serving the Dearborn, St. Joseph and Kansas City, MO areas, offers pest control services at reasonable rates. We’ll inspect and spray the interior and exterior of your property to get rid of insects and prevent future pest infestations.

Call 816-612-1816 now to get an estimate on residential or commercial pest control services.


2. We can terminate all kinds of pests

Colwell’s Pest Control will visit your property on a monthly, quarterly, semiannual or annual basis to control and monitor your pest situation. Our pest exterminators in Dearborn, St. Joseph and Kansas City, MO can rid your home of:

Rodents | Bees | Bed bugs | Fleas | Termites

Say goodbye to your unwanted house guests. Contact us today to arrange for pest or rodent control services. If you’re a business owner, consider signing up for monthly pest control services.

3. We're a family-owned business

Owners Scott and Kelly Colwell opened Colwell’s Pest Control in July 2018. We’re a local pest control company delivering honest services to each of our clients. Scott is a licensed pest exterminator with over a decade of experience under his belt. You can count on us to resolve your pest issues for good.

Don’t let pests disturb your rest. Get in touch with us today to discuss your needs with an experienced pest exterminator.

It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm to write the letter of recommendation for Colwell's Pest Control. As a scientist specialized in research related to arthropods with human and veterinary medical importance, I am ideally qualified to provide this letter of recommendation as a testimony for the outstanding quality of services provided by Mr. Scott Colwell and his staff. My first contact with Scott took place in October 2018, when the outdoor bait stations showed the positive detection of termite populations in our yard. Albeit the relatively short history of working Colwell's Pest Control, my interactions with Scott have always been pleasant and reflect his professionalism and knowledge in pest control. Scott is committed to providing pest management services that meet and exceed the standards in the industry. He also takes every necessary step to ensure that his clients fully understand and feels comfortable with his approach. In addition to his commitment to reaching the desired outcome of effective pest management in individual households, Mr. Colwell is also an honest business owner, who takes the approach of explaining details and costs involved in every procedure. Whilst there may not be sophisticated marketing strategies, Colwell's Pest Control provides serves that are safe, cost-effective and tailored to the needs of each clients. In summary, Mr. Scott Colwell is not only a respectable professional who has over two decades of experience in pest control but also an individual who is trustworthy and pleasant to work with. It is immediately apparent that Colwell's pest control is one of the best service providers in pest management in the greater Kansas City area. I look forward to witnessing the continuous growth and success of Scott's business. Yours sincerely,

- Yan-Jang S. Huang, Ph.D.

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