Have Troublesome Insects Invaded Your Space?

Choose us for flea or bed bug treatment in Dearborn, St. Joseph and surrounding Missouri areas

Colwell’s Pest Control LLC provides specialty pest treatment services for homeowners and business owners. If you wake up with red, itchy bite marks, turn to us for bed bug treatment in Dearborn or St. Joseph, Missouri and surrounding Missouri areas. We’ll find out where bed bugs are hiding and make short work of them for you.

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What to do if you discover fleas on your property

What to do if you discover fleas on your property

Don’t panic if you find fleas in your home. We offer flea control in Dearborn & St. Joseph, Missouri and surrounding areas. Once we’ve treated your property, you should:

  • Get your pets treated
  • Clean or throw away pet bedding or rugs
  • Vacuum your upholstery and carpet

Bed bug and flea treatment both involve extensive prep work that we will guide you through. We’ll schedule a follow-up appointment two weeks after your treatment at no additional charge to reassess your situation. We’ll also give you instruction sheets that explain what you should do to prevent future infestations.

Reach out to us today to schedule bed bug or flea control. Our work is backed by a 90-day guarantee.