If You Hear Scurrying and Squeaking Indoors

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Colwell’s Pest Control LLC offers rodent control in Dearborn, St. Joseph, Kansas City, MO and surrounding areas. We can get rid of mice, rats and moles. When we visit your property, we’ll tour the grounds to find out where critters have nested. We’ll also tell you where they’re entering your building.

Our pest exterminator is licensed to remove animals safely and humanely. We will place traps in areas where rodents are most likely to appear. We control mice and rats within your home with securely locked bait stations, which are safe for kids and pets. We check the bait stations regularly at no additional charge. We control moles in your yard by efficiently and humanely trapping them or by using other methods to keep the critters from damaging your yard. If rodents are entering other areas of your home, we can move the traps and/or bait stations as needed.

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Signs you have a rodent infestation

Signs you have a rodent infestation

There are a few telling signs of a rodent infestation. Reach out to us for rodent removal immediately if:

  • You see droppings in or near your home
  • You smell a strong musky odor indoors
  • You notice gnawed holes in your office
  • You hear noises in your walls
  • Your pets have started acting strangely

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